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We help businesses retain their employees' expertise
using team knowledge sites.

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Here's how it works



We meet with your key team members where they work, asking them to show us how they do their jobs, and all that goes with it.



We compile our notes, fill in the gaps, and turn them into the team website. We finish off by adding visuals for some fun and delight.



We sit with your team, giving them a tour of their new team site. We return every 2 - 3 months to keep your team site updated.

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Friendly & Informative

Below are a few examples of what the team websites look like when complete.

Touchdreams Websites team knowledge site screenshot
Touchdreams Websites team knowledge site screenshot
Touchdreams Websites team knowledge site screenshot

What’s stability worth to you?

When fresh talent joins your team, what's the value of showing them how they should do their job, in a way that doesn't miss any important details? What's the value of a place they can refer back at any time as the settle into their new position?

When a key team member leaves, someone who filled a key role and knew how things worked in a way nobody else knows, what's the value of retaining their knowledge? What's the value of someone else picking up where they left off?

What's the value of a system that the whole team can use to document the best ways to do what you do?

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We know you have questions

Will our proprietary information be safe?

In short, yes. We understand that the information your team members tell us will be incredibly sensitive and valuable. For that reason, we will never provide your information to any external company or organisation. In fact, we will sign a non-disclosure agreement to ensure we never share the tricks of your trade.

When completed, will it remain relevant?

We know all about things like intranets that are exciting when they're new, but when they're difficult to use or have outdated information, they stop being used.

The same could happen to team websites, which is why we not only show your team how to update it themselves (easily!), we also return every 2 months to update it for you.

How long does it take?

We typically like to spend around half a day per role (person that we interview), plus several additional hours building the team site. Ultimately, it depends on how many of your team you'd like to include.

How much will it cost?

We charge per role (person that we interview), depending on their position within the company. We offer payment plans allowing payment over several months. We'll be happy to provide you an estimate after our first meeting.

The cost Investment

We charge a simple fixed amount per day that we spend with your team,
and we split payments over 8 months to make it easier to pay.

How many days will we need? Why 8 months?
See our Pricing page for more info.

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