The Story of Janette

This story describes the tough journey Janette's company went on after she left for a great job somewhere else. Her replacement spent a year getting up to speed; searching for documents, interrupting her colleagues to ask questions, and missing deadlines!

Janette works at Nedier - a local construction company - and has been working there for the past 12 years.

She's the personal assistant to the CEO.

Janette is on top of everything; emails from clients, documents from colleagues, accounts the accounts, and all the rest.

She is relied upon by everyone; in many respects, she holds Nedier together.

You know a Janette don't you? Someone who, if they leave, will leave behind a hole in their business.

Janette was offered a fantastic job overseas, and took it.

It took Nedier 6 weeks to find and hire her replacement.

After that; it took her replacement almost a year to get fully up to speed;

  To know how Janette did her job in all situations.

In that time, she spent countless hours searching for documents, interrupting her boss' work to ask questions, and missing deadlines.

Nedier… didn’t collapse entirely, but it sure didn't grow during those 12 months; it actually took a few steps backwards.

We all know stories like this; we know it happens in pretty much all South African business.

We accept it as the norm, but the thing is; it doesn't have to happen this way.

What Nedier needed was a one place Janette could put her how-do-I-do-it knowledge.

They needed an internal tool that allows her to describe what she does, and link to all the documents needed to do it.

They needed a team. knowledge. site. Your business needs a team knowledge site, doesn't it? A really good one.

That is what we do at Touchdreams. We work with businesses of all sorts to capture how they do what they do, making sure they never again take a step backwards when their team members leave or change roles.

Now we haven’t gone into any detail of how we actually work, and create the team sites, because we’ve put that on other pages of this site...

So, let’s start chatting about getting this done for your business before that person you were thinking about leaves.