What we deliver

A breakdown of the tools we create when your team's knowledge is documented.

If you have read some of our other articles or seen some of our other content you know we document employees’ knowledge so they stop reinventing the wheel, helping businesses grow consistently. We will discuss how our process works in another article but in this one, we will discuss what we create in the process that helps your business thrive. 

We do this by interviewing key members to record their know-how, ticks of the trade, and the little things that make their work great. We use all this to create: 

  1. SOPs
  2. Checklists
  3. Templates
  4. Screen recordings and instructional videos
  5. And a Team Knowledge Site


A Standard Operating Procedure is a set of step-by-step instructions that set out the process that should be followed to accomplish a specific task. SOPs are useful for: 

  1. Training employees how to do new tasks
  2. Setting the standards for how tasks should be done (and keeping your business compliant if you operate in a heavily regulated industry)
  3. Quickening tasks that are not done frequently enough for the process is second nature (Like preparing a Tax Return once a year)

When we create an SOP it clearly outlines:

  1. Who is responsible for carrying out the task
  2. What triggers the task, or when it should be done
  3. At what standard the task should be done 
  4. How the SOP should be used
  5. Then in-depth steps on how to best carry out the ask
  6. And, if necessary, examples of the task done well and done terribly 

Take a  look at a great example of an SOP.

Screen recordings and instructional videos

These are also great training tools! Mostly helpful during the onboarding process and for employees moving to carry out different roles in the organisation, these can be a recording of someone’s screen while they carry out a task with a voice-over explaining what is happening, or a video of someone doing a physical task like offloading palettes from a truck with a forklift.

These will not only speed up the learning process for employees working in new roles, but also help to establish business-wide standards for how tasks are carried out.

SOPs and instructionals aren’t always effective though; if an employee already knows how to do a task templates and checklists can be really useful!


Checklists speed up the work process and reduce the risk of human error. They serve as a friendly reminder for the steps to take and things to look out for when carrying out tasks. If they are printed and ticked off as a task is done they can also form a paper trail to keep track of whether employees are following the established processes. 

Take a  look at a great example of a checklist.


Templates are a great time saver and standard preserver too! Templates are the skeleton of a document or spreadsheet that can be copied and edited to meet the specific needs of a task. They contain the core elements of the document that are always there, reducing the time it takes for an employee to prepare documents, write emails, or set up complicated spreadsheets. 

All of these are great tools, but how do you make sure they are useful for you and your teams? Team Knowledge Sites (TKS)!

Take a  look at a great example of a template.

Team Knowledge Site

 A team knowledge site is an online place that anyone in your team can go to for answers every time they ask "How do we do this?". It’s a central hub that has the core of each role documented and links to all the tools we just went through. This makes it super easy to find them when you need them or to refer employees to when they have questions.

Here is an example of what they look like:

Team knowledge site screenshot

Job Descriptions (an optional extra)

Employees are often confused about what they are responsible for and what standard is expected of them. Job descriptions are a great way to solve these problems! A list of tasks they are responsible for, when they should do it and to what standard they should be done. A really handy thing to have for those quarterly performance reviews!

Take a  look at a great example of a job description.

Sound good?

There are so many applications for these different tools, from quickly training new employees to keeping the quality of work of experienced employees high. If that sounds great to you we would love to work with you to help keep your business growing consistently! All while improving the standard of your employee’s work. 

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