Why recruiters should care about Team Knowledge Sites

When the clients you recruit for have a team knowledge site, it's far easier to impress them with your recruitment capabilities and retain them as your clients.

Recruiters need to maintain client relationships to remain profitable

Just like any other service business, it takes a huge amount of time and money to market your business in to get new clients. You have to create adverts or compelling content that impresses, you need to purchase and set up the ads and promotions, you need to follow up on leads, and you need to sell your business to all interested potential clients.

In other words, keeping your existing clients is way more profitable than acquiring new ones.

So it makes sense to spend some time and effort ensuring that your current clients are getting the most out of hiring you, so they keep hiring you.

After hiring, the employee's performance reflects on the recruiter

After you recruit a new employee for your clients, the better that person performs, the more impressed the client will be with your process, and the more likely they are to use you for future recruitments.

To illustrate that, if the new employee gets down to work quickly, starts solving problems, communicates in the right way to all enquiries, and so on, your client will no doubt be impressed.

Next time they need a candidate hired, they will certainly consider the value of their last hired employee, and the more impressed they are, the more likely they will be to pick up the phone and call you.

Employees who're better trained perform better

Of course, the primary way you can ensure that the employee performs excellently is to make sure your recruiting process is top-notch, but I bet you've already done that. Your process is probably nearly as good as it can be.

So any other way of ensuring that the employee performs well post-hire should be certainly worth considering if you can implement it.

While training programmes are very helpful for performance, your clients probably already have these in place.

What they almost certainly don't have is a tool that the new employee can access at any time while they're new to find out the best way to do their new job. A site that has all the team's knowledge in an easy to browse and read format; a team knowledge site.

Clients with a documented knowledge train their employees better

While most businesses assign an experienced employee to show the new hire around, and explain how the company works, this typically doesn't extend past the general information that the everyone knows, and sometimes information specific to the team they'll be working in.

This orientation rarely if ever goes so far as to show the new hire the specifics of how they should be doing their job, which documents are going to be important to them, how they should deal with incoming emails or other communications, what difficult situations may come up and who they should speak to when they do.

All of this information is the kind that a team knowledge site would have, that they could access every time they would ask "How do we do this?"

Bonus: Clients with documented knowledge are easier to recruit for

When starting a recruitment process, you first need to understand your client's business, and then you need to understand the role that you'll be recruiting for.

Generally you need to understand what the company sells, how its team operates to know where the candidate will fit in, and what they will need to do.

But if you also know the company's culture, you're able to gauge how well the candidate will need to be able to communicate, how focussed or hard-working they need to be, how much responsibility they will need to be willing to accept, how much criticism, and so on.

These are things that your client probably won't be able to tell you in an unbiased way, but a team knowledge site would help you to see, since the company culture will shine through on every page.

Ensuring your clients have a thorough team knowledge site will help you recruit for them, and ensure your clients retain you as their preferred recruiting partner for years to come.

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