On Websites and our Passions

Even ‘Flat’ isn’t Really Flat

Creating a Unified Model of On-screen Depth

The trends have come and gone, and will surely return again one day, as we decide that providing a sense of visual depth requires all the tools available, in just the right amounts and combinations.

Is Your Website Good Enough?

You can determine this right now, but it won’t be as easy to change it.

If you have a website – for yourself or your business – you should be confident that it’s what you want or need. If you aren’t sure, you should assess your website to help you decide if you need a new website, or simply an update.

Pricing a Website

There’s a lot to be considered; make it worth your while.

When you’re making a website for someone else – if it’s not for free, you’re going to want to charge the right amount for it.