Cape Quarter

November 2017

NEW Fun and fresh, cosmopolitan, sophisticated, impressive; all words that aptly describe Cape Quarter; a wonderful new shopping and lifestyle center in the heart of Cape Town. Needing a website that would impress and inform, we were proud to be given the opportunity to design and develop their new website.


September 2017

NEW In the renewable energy and water industries in South Africa, Superwatt fill niches that only they are capable of doing. Their websites had to be modern and responsive, showcase their products and projects, while being appealing to everyone in the industry. That’s exactly what we delivered.

In partnership with Surge Digital.


MeyCom + Guardian

September 2017

NEW MeyCom and Guardian provide cutting-edge solutions for security applications such as fire and smoke detection, and CCTV monitoring. We developed and delivered informative landing pages for both products in a very short time frame.

In partnership with Surge Digital.

Anchor Environmental

August 2017

NEW Anchor are who you go to when needing internationally recognised research into marine affairs. While the requirements for their website were detailed, we were able to develop a website that fulfills their needs and makes them proud of what they so capably do.

Capricorn Park

July 2017

NEW We’re so proud to have our offices in Capricorn Park that we proposed a complete redesign of its website. Showcasing its tenants, facilities and latest news, while being responsive and quick to load, it’s just what the Park needed.

Prints on Paper

July 2017

NEW With the aim of 'supporting artists with a passion for printmaking', Prints on Paper is an exciting art studio in central Johannesburg that we were thrilled to work with in developing their first website. Like their artwork, the website is modern and fun, while remaining informative and easy to navigate.

KDP Signmakers

May 2017

NEW Serving big-name clients all over Cape Town and its surrounds, KDP Signmakers are at the top of their game. For KDP, we designed and built a simple website that focusses on showcasing their broad range of product offerings.

BSW Amazee

January 2017

Best of Swedish Web describes exactly what Amazee Labs do. We were proud to work on their portfolio site that was their entry into this prestigious competition.

In partnership with Amazee Labs.


December 2016

High-speed optical fiber internet infrastructure is the field Lightstruck are leaders in, and they required a website that would clearly communicate exactly that. We built a one-page website with all the features required, and made it look slick in the process.

Villa SA

December 2016

Four beautiful, fully-equipped, spotlessly clean, comfortable, safe, welcoming guesthouses; that’s what VillaSA is today. Based on our Villa ‘packaged website’, we customised and launched a beautiful website for each guesthouse, along with a beautiful landing page to direct visitors to the individual websites.