At touchdreams, we work on a super simple monthly pricing structure that suits all kinds of businesses. Here's how we described it on the Home page:

The Investment

R320 per month

for each half-day we spend interviewing your team,
for a minimum of 8 months.

This includes a full update of the team site each quarter (3 months).

How many half-days will we need? Why 8 months?
See our Pricing page for more info.

Questions you might have at this point

Why do we we charge per month?

We charge a monthly fee instead of a once-off fee for two reasons. The first is because our clients typically haven't budgeted for this sort of expense, so charging a monthly fee allows them to afford it.

The second reason is because the team sites we build grow and change over time, and so require someone to maintain them. We respect that many of clients would like to update their team sites themselves, however they don't have the capacity to do so. Charging monthly allows us to build-in the time we need to return regularly to keep the team sites up-to-date and as useful to the team as they can be.

Why half-days?

It takes us about half a day to build the team site for each half-day that we spend interviewing your team. We find that it's most productive to use mornings for the interviews (which count are charged for), and use the afternoons for building the site.

How many half-days will we need?

This comes down to a number of factors, such as:

Take a look at the scenarios below for some guidance.

Team sites

So how much will it cost us?

Let's look at some scenarios:

Startup Growing business Established business
Number of employees 5 50 500
Half-days recommended 3 15 100
Monthly cost R 960 R 4800 R 32000